Exploring Motherhood: Nanny

Nanny, 2019, oil on panel, 60x40cm.

Another new painting drying on the wall, that will become part of the Exploring Motherhood series. The pink gradient over her portrait brings a traditional painting into the 21st century. This painting refers to past generations and how they might have experienced motherhood. We can look back with rose tinted glasses, consider that they didn’t have social media and some of the pressures we feel today, however it was likely extremely different and difficult. We are so fortunate to have the technology, flexible working hours, social groups, and the female voice. We are more open about our pregnancies, births and parenthood today. They were bound, more then, to the social and cultural norms and expectations. Men went to work, women looked after the home, had children, and no one complained. Like today though, women sometimes suffered and sometimes flourished.

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