Drawing Challenge

In November 2019 I tasked myself with completing a drawing a day. This was easier said than done however I was aware that I hadn’t practiced any proper drawing for a long time, as the drawings I usually undertake are more like painting maps. The challenge provided some ideas and solidified my practice.

The plan form this point is to possibly sell some of the drawings as prints via an online shop. I’d also like to develop the drawings into paintings using pattern, texture, layering and silhouette cutting. Watch this space.

I would highly recommend conducting a drawing challenge, whether you are a professional artist or a creative beginner. I didn’t think I was in a rut before starting the challenge, however it has refined my practice and some ideas and is even informing some other projects I am working on.

All drawings were made using ink on paper. Here is a selection of the 30+ images from the challenge.

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