Portraits celebrate people and their achievements. They link people to history and their predecessors. Portraits document the ‘now’, which can seem unimportant or irrelevant, but ‘now’ becomes more and more important to us as we move through our lives. Portraiture connects the subjects with personally significant locations, items or pets and aids the narration of their story. Oil paintings require care and dedication, to construct the warmth and depth that preserves a legacy.

After specialising in oil based portraiture over ten years ago, I am now looking to expand my practice by networking, seeking commissions, planning exhibitions and undertaking personal projects from my home studio in Colchester, Essex.

My style has developed over the last two years from traditional, vibrant but simple portraiture, to more complex overlaying of imagery, colour play and concepts that incorporate symbolism elements. Although oil paint on canvas or panel are my preferred materials, I am enjoying an experimental phase, investigating technology, equipment, surface and ensuring my practice is environmentally safe and animal friendly.

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