Exploring Motherhood

Exploring Motherhood is very much a work in progress, however it aims to be a series of paintings describing some of the experiences and emotions we go through as parents.

The project aims to participate in discussion, already commenced nationally, regarding maternal mental health for mothers and fathers. Guilt and shame are still firmly attached to parenthood, and we need to find ways of breaking this down. Parenthood is not one state of being or one feeling. It can be a mix of clashing emotions, unexpected circumstances and a whole new way of life. Art may be a route to opening up discussion between parents and sow the seeds required to start the healing process.

Parents of all stages and ages will be able to relate to some part of the Exploring Motherhood series. This does not exclude Fathers, however the maker of this project is specifically a Mother and she can only drawn upon her own perspective.

Getting pregnant can be difficult.
Staying pregnant can be difficult.
Being pregnant can be difficult.
Birth can be difficult.
And then a brand new, complex, tiny human being is in your hands.

Pregnancy or birthing traumas should not be belittled simply because it is common. This is not a reason to normalise, overlook or even joke about it. Mothers need support and to be listened to. Fathers need support too, and there isn’t enough of it out there.

The myth of the Super-parent is creating a cornucopia of issues. Most new families go through their individual labyrinth of insanity inducing concerns and stresses tangled with incomprehensible joy and pride.

Exploring Motherhood is being undertaken using a variety of materials and concepts. The preferred medium is oil paint, however other materials will be explored. Most people can relate to portraiture as our brains are hard wired to read faces and body language. However still life paintings can be exceptionally powerful if the underpinning concept is either clear to understand or explained. Colour and symbology will be employed to express a further thought or emotion within the piece.

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