Drawing Challenge

In November 2019 I tasked myself with completing a drawing a day. This was easier said than done however I was aware that I hadn’t practiced any proper drawing for a long time, as the drawings I usually undertake are more like painting maps. The challenge provided some ideas and solidified my practice. The plan […]

Exploring Motherhood: Nanny

Nanny, 2019, oil on panel, 60x40cm. Another new painting drying on the wall, that will become part of the Exploring Motherhood series. The pink gradient over her portrait brings a traditional painting into the 21st century. This painting refers to past generations and how they might have experienced motherhood. We can look back with rose […]


Vanitas (a popular painting genre in 1600s) will be explored as one thread of the Motherhood series. Vanitas is usually a still life arrangement formed with specific items that symbolise various, often universally assigned concepts. For example a clock would symbolise time, a skull would symbolise death. Traditionally, a Vanitas or Momento Mori (Latin ‚ÄúRemember […]

Nursery Workshop

“Our older children had a fantastic time learning about Frida Kahlo, Observational drawing and our younger children were fascinated with looking at facial features of themselves and others and exploring with a variety of mark making materials. Hannah was fantastic at adapting her approach and she was actively involved in the planning of the sessions […]

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