Interested in becoming a model?

You may have received a card with a QR code and decided you’d like some more information about modelling for a painting. If you’re interested in finding out more, you’re in the right place!

Who models for Hannah?

A mix of different people are asked to model, some have previous modelling experience, some have none. Selection isn’t based on height, weight, age, race, gender or society’s view of what ‘beauty’ means. Often, Hannah has an image in her mind’s eye of a certain painting or collection, and a person’s look or vibe may fit in with that image. Some faces may suit Hannah’s style of painting, they may provide interesting perspective or a totally new challenge. Hannah has worked with friends and family as well as total strangers for modelling sessions, however she does not work with or use images of any persons under the age of 18.

What should I expect from the process?

It does occasionally happen, that a model is identified for a particular collection of paintings that is planned for months ahead or perhaps the following year. Hannah will be in touch upon the commencement of the collection design and planning stage.

Once a collection is in it’s planning stage, an information pack will be sent to you via email, including details of the photoshoot location, date, time, what to wear, roughly what poses will be asked of you and a draft description of the collection concept. A ‘Model Release’ (the legal bit) will also be included for you to read, consider and sign if you are happy to proceed. In short, the Model Release protects both sides (the Artist and the model) during and after the work has commenced. When the Model Release has been signed and photoshoot details confirmed, the next stage is the photoshoot.

Photoshoots are currently being held either in the model’s home, the Artist’s home with background and professional lighting or on location, depending on the requirements of the collection. A lot of preparation and administration happens before the photoshoot day to formulate a concise plan. A list of poses, often with images, is prepared and can be shared with the model before the photoshoot if they wish. Clear instruction is given to models regarding poses, which sometimes means that Hannah demonstrates the poses herself. Hannah is currently using her iPhone to take photographs, and can show you the images at the end of the shoot if you wish. Please note that Hannah does not photograph or paint nudes.

Will I get paid?

Print(s) of the painting(s) you have modelled for are currently being given in exchange for your modelling services. This is certainly the case for models Hannah works with for the first time. If you are contacted for further future modelling work with Hannah, payment can be discussed.

How will my image be used?

The original photographs from the photoshoot are rarely used on the website or social media platforms. If a particular photograph is required, Hannah will contact you to gain permission for its specific use. Images of the painting(s), on completion and showing work in process, will be used on social media platforms, Hannah’s website, zines and external publications. The paintings are likely to be photographed for limited edition giclée prints, and perhaps stickers and other promotional materials. The paintings will be exhibited in galleries and listed for sale.

Please fill in the form below if you are happy to proceed, using ‘Model’ for the subject title, and describe in the main message how or where the model card was given to you, with a brief description of your appearance.